Weird West Fiction: What To Read Right Now

Here are some of the top books, short stories and other content to add to your TBR shelf.

Ready to dive into Weird West fiction? Whatever your interests, from horror to fantasy, Weird West fiction spans the gamut of subgenres and mashups.

Here’s a starting list of suggested reading of Weird West fiction, both pulpy fun readings as well as refreshing new takes. Please note, this is not comprehensive by any means! Titles will be updated regularly, and feel free to share in the comments your favorites that didn’t make the list.


  • Territory by Emma Bull
  • Dead in the West by Joe Lansdale
  • The Horror From the Mound by Robert E. Howard
  • The Etched City by K.J. Bishop
  • Deadlands: Ghostwalker by Jonathan Maberry
  • The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King
  • The Six-Gun Tarot and The Shotgun Arcana by R.S. Belcher
  • Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Infernal by Guy Adams
  • The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins
  • A Book of Tongues by Gemma Files
  • Portlandtown: A Tale of the Oregon Wyldes by Rob DeBorde
  • Shadow on the Sun by Richard Matheson
  • The Buntline Special by Mike Resnick

Novellas, Graphic Novels and Short Story Collections

Six Guns Straight From Hell cover.

Weird West tales are particularly suited for the visual form of graphic novels, as well as the shorter, more intense storytelling of novellas and short stories. Here’s a sampling:

Bonus: Splatter Horror Westerns

One indie publisher in particular, Death’s Head Press, has launched a Splatter Horror Western series that deserves a special callout. Not for the faint of heart, these novels dive deep into the brutal weird west and feature authors such as Wile E. Young, Kenzie Jennings, Kristopher Triana, Patrick C. Harrison III, Christine Morgan, and others.

Read more about the subgenre of Splatter Westerns, as well as detailed recommendations, here.

Further Reading

If you’re looking for articles on Weird West, these are some of my go-to articles covering this intriguing genre:

Do you have a favorite weird west story? Share in the comments below.

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