The Adventures of Monster Hunting Gunslingers Melinda & Lance

Meet the Bonnie and Clyde of the Weird West

In the Weird West, unflappable sharpshooter Melinda and her easygoing partner Lance hunt a menagerie of monsters. From cannibalistic gremlins to psychic bug infestations, there’s nothing this gunslinging duo can’t handle.

Read about their adventures in a short story collection on Amazon’s Vella or in one of the below anthologies. And hold onto your hats, because a novel featuring these two characters is hopefully coming soon!

In “Death’s Horse” (Six Guns Straight From Hell 3), Melinda must find a way to stop a gunslinger from raising an zombie army. There’s one catch: he’s already undead.

Excerpt from Death's Horse

Death rode in on a horse made of wood and
bones, its joints screeching with every pound of
its hooves against the sand. Death, other wise
known as Elliot Red-Eye Carson, raised his rifle,
the sun a smudged glow behind him like
someone had burned the sky with the end of a
rolled cigarette.

"Found you." Carson leveled the rifle at Melinda's
forehead. He wore a hat the color of day-old
puke, with rags to match. He and the horse
smelled of sewage, rot and all manners of decay.

"You look a little different, El." Melinda eased her
finger off the trigger of her six shooter and set it
gently down.

In “A Dusty Arrival” (Andromeda Spaceways Magazine), Melinda and Lance must fight off an invasion of cannibalistic gremlins before they take over their minds.

This short story was also cited in Writing Speculative Fiction: Creative and Critical Approaches, a resource for writing speculative fiction.

Issue 70 can be purchased here.

Stories and characters (c) 2021 by KC Grifant

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